Useful stuff

Useful stuff

Wing pin Removal Tool:

To avoid damaging the Shadow wing pins, why not use a slide tool to remove them.Shadow wing pin removal tool (labelled) Simple to make. 

The Shadow wing pin tool that came with my B-D Shadow is a 440mm long 3/8″ steel rod, with a threaded end (3/8″ x 16 UNC). Weighs 840g, so you wouldn’t want to drop it on your toe! The hollow wing pin is a 265mm long 5/8″ diameter aluminium tube, with 5/8″ steel ends pressed into it. The lower end is threaded to fit ‘slide’ tool.

To remove the wing pin, slip the ‘slide’ tool right down inside the hollow wing pin and screw into the threads at the lower end. Repeatedly slide the weight upwards – each ‘impact’ helps draw the wing pin out. That’s kinder to the wing pin than bashing it out from below.

tail-skid trolley IMGP2918Tail skid trolley – for on-ground handling
hangar trolley1 - G-MTHT Shadow C-DHangar ‘railway’ system – for sliding sideways thru a narrow door
Shadow trailer (open) 12 - G-MWMU 700pxOpen trailer – made by Danny Crosbie and other manufacturers
Shadow trailer (covered) 3 - lynton 650pxCovered trailer – made by Lynton and other manufacturers

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