Dimensions + Sketches

Dimensions + Sketches

Shadow B dimensions:

As I’ve stripped down and re-built my own 1989 Shadow B-D (ZK-KLH), I have recorded lots of dimensions. Some of these are compiled into the following sketches for the Shadow B-series, including a cross-section of the wing spar.

Unfortunately, without taking my wing completely apart, some of the details are at best ‘guesses’ and could be wrong.

Streak dimensions

Tim Walker, who is building a Streak kit in UK, has kindly measured his wing. I got to meet Tim and see his Streak project when I visited the UK in 2014.

I also visited Gerry Larkin in Australia and measured the wing of his Streak (AUS 28-1456). These wing measurements are compiled into the following sketches.

Shadow B-D (ZK-KLH) stripped down ready for restoration

Shadow B-D (ZK-KLH) ready for restoration


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