These improvements aren’t classified as mods (i.e. they do not affect flight characteristics or strength)

dash extension (Mick Forman)• extended dash panel (Mick Foreman, Custom Microlight Mouldings 07941850996)

acoustic foam passenger ceiling (G-DARK)• acoustic foam passenger ceiling – to reduce noise in cabin (LY-AXH)

rear brake pedals• brake pedal levers (LY-AXH)

tundra tyres (Hegar rims)• wide alloy main rims – with tundra tyres

wheel fairings 5• wheel fairings (a.k.a. wheel pants or spats)  (Mick Foreman, Custom Microlight Mouldings 07941850996)

streamline u-c fairings (slide-on)• ‘slide-on’ main leg fairings

U-c fairings (Mick Foreman)• main leg full fairings (Mick Foreman, Custom Microlight Mouldings 07941850996)

nose-leg fairing G-MVAC• nose-wheel mudflap  (Mick Foreman, Custom Microlight Mouldings 07941850996)

Tapered nylon tail skid (Crosbie 003)• tapered nylon tail skid rod (Danny Crosbie, Crosbie Engineering)

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CAA-approved Mods

Other Mods

NOTE: I’m likely to have made lots of mistakes, so please send me any corrections to this information.

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I’m keen to collect together, in one easily-accessible place, all the factory and after-market modifications for the Shadow and Streak series, together with any other useful upgrades.

If you wish to freely share any modifications or upgrades that you have designed,
then please contact Fly Micro  to discuss what you are able to offer to the Shadow owner’s community.
I will then upload your drawings, instructions and approval paperwork for non-commercial use, with appropriate acknowledgement.

Alternatively for modifications and upgrades that are commercially available, I can upload a brief description, approximate cost & time-frame, plus your contact details.

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