Other Mods

Other Modifications

Shadow 1 top cowl - Streak IMGP2902• radiator air scoop (CFM) – for Rotax 582 + 618 water-cooled engines

full engine cowl - C-D 1996 PH-2S5 Jan Laurier (now EI-DXL) MVC-118L• full engine fairing (Jan Laurier, NL)

full engine cowl - Streak ZU-BFO Greg Pederson• full engine/fuselage fairing (Greg Pederson, SA)

half engine cowl - Streak 2008 G-FAME• partial engine fairing (G-FAME)

wing root fairing (ZU-BFO)• wing root fairing (Greg Pederson, SA)

pylon fairing IMGP2986• wing pylon front fairing – wrap-around fibreglass

Wing (with stall fences) DSC_1557• wing stall fences (Greg Pederson, SA)

Wing (VGs) DSC_1539• LE vortex generators (Greg Pederson, SA)

• composite recess above prop

heater shroud ZK-MAX• cabin heater – using hot air from exhaust shroud (ZK-MAX)

• auxiliary wing fuel tanks – single (28 litre) or twin (56 litre)

alloy fuel tank ZK-MAX• alloy fuel tank (ZK-MAX)

balanced tailplane fins (ZU-BFO)• ‘balanced’ tailplane fins (ZU-BFO)

tail fin brace IMGP2915• tailplane fin brace

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA• ballistic recovery parachute system

nose-leg springs (ZK-FMY)• nose-leg springs – replace bungee system (ZK-FMY)

aileron horn - new double-arm (with rod ends)2• double-arm aileron horn on jack-shaft (ZK-KLH) –
rod ends are smoother + eliminate any binding @ full deflection

reduced-throw aileron control• ‘reduced throw’ aileron control (LY-AXH) – for lighter aileron forces

Shadow - extra streamlined  luggage lockers 500px• extra luggage pods – for those secret raids

Shadow on floats• floats (CFM factory)

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CAA-approved Mods


NOTE: I’m likely to have made lots of mistakes, so please send me any corrections to this information.

Page under development

I’m keen to collect together, in one easily-accessible place, all the factory and after-market modifications for the Shadow and Streak series, together with any other useful upgrades.

If you wish to freely share any modifications or upgrades that you have designed,
then please contact Fly Micro  to discuss what you are able to offer to the Shadow owner’s community.
I will then upload your drawings, instructions and approval paperwork for non-commercial use, with appropriate acknowledgement.

Alternatively for modifications and upgrades that are commercially available, I can upload a brief description, approximate cost & time-frame, plus your contact details.

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