CAA-approved Mods

CAA-approved Modifications

CROSBIE cromoly/composite undercarriage• cromoly/composite main landing gear (Danny Crosbie)
LAA 11121 / MAAN 1762-2

COOK alloy undercarriage• alloy main landing gear (David Cook)
LAA 11137 / MAAN 1773-1

NEWMAN composite undercarriage 2a• composite main landing gear (Mick Newman)

BELLA composite U-c - Shadow D-D factory demonstrator (pfa99_6)• composite main landing gear (John Wighton, ex-CFM Chief Engineer)
LAA 11132 / MAAN 1775

horizontal exhaust (G-OLGA)• horizontal exhaust (Rotax 582 or 618)

Shadow C (Rotax 503) G-MVEN• Conversion from ‘B’ series (Rotax 447) to ‘C’ series (Rotax 503)
CFM 18 / AAN 21555

• MTOW increase to 374 kg

streamlined stuts + jury strut IMGP2853• streamlined wing struts
CFM 26

anti-flutter device @ tail• elevator anti-flutter device @ tail

Anti-flutter (joystick)• elevator anti-flutter device @ joystick
LAA 11419

Tim Walker - Streak elevator 1500px• electric elevator trim
CFM 15 / AAN 21458

• multi-strand elevator Teleflex cable
CFM 31 / AAN 25545

 tailplane plastic bushes• tailplane plastic bushes

extra side windows (fuselage shroud)• extra side windows – in fuselage shroud
CFM 32 / AAN 25545

G-BUTB 1992 Streak - bulged canopy• bulged canopy (G-BUTB)

G-BVLF 1994 Star Streak - bulged canopy• bulged canopy (G-BVLF)

Crosbie wing locker• wing lockers (Danny Crosbie)

deep footwell G-LYNK 1998 Shadow D-D• extended rear footwell (Danny Crosbie)

rear brake levers IMGP2985• co-pilot brake levers in rear footwell

air duct (Mick Broom)• air ducts in wing pylon (Mick Broom)

slipper tank (EI-CZC)• under-belly ‘slipper’ tank
CFM 29 / AAN 27392 / MAAN 1193-5

auxiliary 27 ltr internal fuel tank• auxiliary 27 litre internal fuel tank – on rear seat
CFM 20 / AAN 21682

UltraFlight pannier tank 3 (qtr view detail)• auxiliary external fuel panniers (UltraFlight)

hand controls - APT disabled pilot trainer• hand controls – to replace foot controls for disabled pilots
CFM 28 / AAN 23713

• pneumatically-operated brakes replace mechanically-operated for disabled pilots
CFM 28a / AAN 23713

engine - Rotax 912 (G-BXWR) 400px• 912 UL engine

wing fold (Crosbie)• wing fold (Danny Crosbie)

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NOTE: I’m likely to have made lots of mistakes, so please send me any corrections to this information.

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I’m keen to collect together, in one easily-accessible place, all the factory and after-market modifications for the Shadow and Streak series, together with any other useful upgrades.

If you wish to freely share any modifications or upgrades that you have designed,
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